Quality Control

Z.H.TRADELINK PTY LTD has complete quality control system. We have professional specialists recording every stage of the production process, including raw material purchasing, accessory manufacturing, storing, assembly, and final production. Whenever there is any quality problem, our quality control system enables us to examine the production progress in detail and allocate to the right person who is responsible to the accident.

Quality Control

Raw Material

We require our supplier to display their product quality certification when purchasing raw materials. In certain case, the material will be tested by the third party independently to assure its quality.

Production Procedure

The Batch Code on main part of the product enables us to rapidly trace to the whole batch of products which quality problem might exist.

On each assembly line, we offer production instruction which workers have to follow strictly in assembly process.

Inspection Procedure

Before shipping, the end products will experience spot check according to Export Check List, check including appearance check, assembly check, quality and packing check. Some important products will have 100% final inspection.